Friday, December 09, 2005

Mohad, A 'Village' of Dreams-4 Flowers and Faces..

Transformation at its best.. drunkards surrounded it when the temple was made.. it's all reformed now! The place is reputed as a burgher of social conscience.. and morals..

No.. this is not a garden... just about every home cultivates some flowers.. they're handy when there's a wedding in the village.. self sufficiency you see! the aesthetics and positive influence are only by products..

This again.. is not in an expensive urban appartment.. but a simple village home!

Exotic.. isn't it?? It was one of hte several nice items at the Mohad Nursery..

The ppl on the backstage of this apparent revolution...

Mohad.. A 'Village' of Dreams! - 3 Work Works

From wild tree leaves to a pattal and four donas in two mins flat!

Another Lijjat in the making.. a fledgling cooperative papad factory..

Dant Manjan made at home.. pretty much the same as any branded Kala Dant Manjan..

Advocate sahab stays in the village itself.. and there's a beedi making industry at home too..

Blacksmithy is family business... the village is a big enough market.. by GOD's Grace

Motor winding workshop is now available in the village.. saves time.. saves money.. for a lot of farmers!

Vermiculture... organic farming.. you name it...

One of the many small scale 'Gur' factories.. 2-4 quintals per day! Cane is a popular cash crop.. several farmers grow it.. and make jaggery themselves!

The village is self sufficient in all matters.. including beauty parlors ;-)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mohad... A 'Village' of Dreams! - 2 The ppl

The ppl have put in effort themselves.. to save 25k out of the allotted 1 lakh for a computer for the school

'Mam Naam Anjali Asti' : Stunned.. shocked.. floored.. So was I! That's what she said when I asked her name! Most kids at Mohad know their basics in Sanskrit!

Yes.. Mohad has its own very eeal Geeta didi.. who's completed her education and now teaches at the village!

Maar Saab roz attendance lete hain.. but XX grade nahi dete..

All kids go to school! They might at other times help their folks with work.. but education is primary!!

Sarva Shiksha.. yes.. it's working pretty well here... and the girls are all smiles to be going to school.

Yeah.. education becomes more serious as you grow up.. so is the case here..

This is what the kids have for a canteen.. and they don't complain!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mohad... A 'Village' of Dreams! - 1

A typical home in Mohad.. perfectly clean and tidy.. as if designed and picked up from the set of a film

'Om' is not a communal idea here, and having faith is not taboo, even among the more prosperous families.

Cows don't necessarily have to be dirty.. and affluence doesn't always mean diregarding your traditions..

Yes, we can afford LPG.. but Biogas is a clean and efficient fuel! Over a hundred homes in Mohad use 'Gobar Gas' for cooking. it doesn't stink of Gobar. At all!

Scoff at it, ridicule it but face it.. Cow dung is a wonderful antiseptic.. the villagers have traditionally used it to coat their floors