Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mujhko yakin hai, sach kehti thi, jo bhi ammi kehti thi,
jab mere bachpan ke din the, chand mein pariyan rehti thi,

ek yeh din jab saari sadke, sooni sooni lagti hain..
ek voh din jab 'aao khele', saari galiyan kehti thi!

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Some Saviors!

'Keval Likhen, mile nahin' :)
Saving man'kind' from women 'unkind'!

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At a Delhi Bus Stand

Blissfully asleep?
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The Rocking sis!

(loads of lines coming to mind but nothing very apt!)
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The Great Sis

Big sis is big sis.. however little she herself might be!
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The Good Sis

Chal mere Bhai....
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More Love

I wonder how far it would've gone.. had i been clicking for some more time!
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Striking a Pose!

Quite an affectionate posing.. for a photo!
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Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayi bhagwan...

The saturday diety.. reduced to a money collection box.. right on top of a manhole..
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Wonder if the we should've been 'We'

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Lets go shopping!

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Some Lessons!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

The Kids Fiesta!

They say a lot.. they say nothing!


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Benares, Kaashi! The land of Vishwanaath.. and that of Vidya

Benares and Paan.. inseparable! The perfect paan waale bhaiya!

mystics on a misty morning


who ended up unsteering all the mis-steering we were doing in our rowing enthu


The Coke Debacle!

For over five years now, Mehendiganj near Varanasi has been home to a zillion conflicts between the Hindustan Coca Cola Company adn the local peasants who claim that the company is draining the ground water and soon the land will become unsuitable for agriculture.

The multitude of issues can be found here

your cool life.. or the nemesis of entire villages?

The protestors too have to keep pace with the latest advertising!

Doodh Dahi ke desh mein pepsi-coke nahin chalega!


In Mehendiganj

Gaavon mein aa gaye hain.. paagal shahar ke saare!

the look says it all...

DJ.. playing Gladiator...

The craftman's perfection!
(I never knew it took such amazing amount of tenderness.. till i touched it)

Ek tha yeh Kolhu ka Bael, Ek ham hain!


On a Journey

the battles and taking turns for the window seat..

.....77,78,79.... the juvenile pleasures!


I want it.. and I want it right now!

Bal Hatth
Whoever dared to stand unmoved in front of a kid's Zidd

Looking down some roads..

Pushing hard... gotta compete with The Cola Giants..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the Railway Station

Clicked on the Howrah Station- Jan 1, 2006
(can't think of a good caption)

Where the journey of life is a series of journies...

Brother turned mother..?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First shots in the City of Joy!

Here's my first set of shots.. of the sights of Calcutta... and the Ganga.. which is locally known as Hooghly!
Salesman? Walking Showroom? or godown?

Mumbai showing it's presence... on the banks of Ganga!

Our good old Maanjhi! with a tech wonder Howrah Bridge for Backdrop

Man might be tiny in front of nature's expances.. his creations aren't

(creation.. the bridge that crosses over the expanse of the river)